Pious child game

Pious child game
Pious child game

Pious child game

You can get pious children’s games on the google play store. It’s not just adults who have fun games. But children can also enjoy the game. Since the development of technology, many game makers are looking for various aspects of the types of games that are suitable for children. Pious child game

A game that can teach them how to learn while playing. Indeed, there are some opinions that we may often hear from some people about games for children. Playing games through cell phones can sometimes trigger children to become addicted. This is what causes us as parents to sometimes fear the development of children.

Making games for kids

Laliberacompagnia – Various types of negative impacts continue to emerge, making parents unsure of letting their children play using cell phones. Some parents also let their children play games on their cell phones. This actually makes children more often play via cell phones.

Although many commented negatively about the games on mobile. The game makers didn’t give up either. They are looking for solutions so that children can play while learning. A game that can stimulate children’s brains and arouse children’s curiosity. Games, the makers hope that the games they make can increase children’s creativity.

Pious children’s game

study religion
know religion from an early age//study religion

Not to forget also in children’s games you can use applications that teach children about religion. A game that is not too stiff and gives the impression of one direction. Hope the kids can enjoy the games available. Games that teach children about religion were developed by Agate. The name of the game is a pious child’s game.

A game that teaches about Islamic religious education. In pious children’s games, an exciting and entertaining adventure story is formed. Of course in every adventure, there will be a mission that you must complete. With the presence of this game, parents can help children introduce Islamic religious education.

The teachings that children will get in the game are:

Know how to do ablution
Daily prayer
There are letters hijaiyah
How to pray
Prophet’s story
Apostle stories and many others


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