Jump rope game

Jump rope game
Jump rope game

Jump rope game

The jump rope game is one of the most fun and exciting games. Of course, those of you who were born in the 90s are familiar with jumping rope. When a child gets bored and wants to find a new game, they unconsciously touch a rubber. Playing with rubber shapes, there is someone who says that this rubber can make many children happy and healthy.

Did you know that a thin bracelet can become a strong mine and form a game? Feeling curious the child saw how to make the rope long and thick. It turns out that only by connecting the rubber, the rubber becomes long. Jump rope is a game that doesn’t require a lot of media. Only with a rubber band capital can be used as a game tool.

Ready to play

Laliberacompagnia – In this advanced era, of course, most children don’t know what it’s like to play jump rope games. In playing the jumping rope game, at least 3 people are needed, and at most, it can reach more than three people. The position of the jump rope game is that two children hold the right and left rubber.

While the other children prepare a position to jump. Of course not as long as the child holding the rubber is the same person. In starting the game, the child who does not hold the rubber rope must jump over the rubber that his two friends have stretched out. If during the jump there is a child who cannot pass the rubber, then the child must replace the rubber holder.

Jump rope position

a game that gives different rope positions//play

This applies until the game ends. Did you know that jumping rope is not just one jump? In the jump rope game, there will be many distances that you have to pass, such as:
Straight position underground singing the slogan while jumping back and forth
Still, under the ground, the two rope holders will move the rope to the right and left in opposite directions. This will result in the movement of the ground snake. When jumping avoids snakes from the ground. If you get hit, get ready to replace a friend who is guarding the rope.
Raise the position of the rope above the knee and the child who jumps must be ready
Move to the top right on the pee
Point to the navel
Go to the chest
Put it on the chin
Move to ear
Put it on your head
And the highest position each or as high as hands up.


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