Games For Toddlers

Games For Toddlers
Games For Toddlers

Games For Toddlers

Every parent must be happy to see the growth of the baby. Always provide a complete nutritional intake with various types of food that are good for children. Even though it looks like a toddler, sometimes the child has started to be active. A lot of high curiosity makes them unable to stay still. In caring for our children, we also have to invite them to play a games for toddlers.

Sometimes when you hear the word game for toddlers, parents immediately use cell phones to be a medium for learning for their little ones. Children who are still toddlers can only smile and cry. When you invite them to play, of course, you will be very confused. But you don’t have to worry, mother, there is already a light game that toddlers can play.

Some of the games that we often play without realizing it for children include:

Learn shapes Laliberacompagnia

Being small doesn’t mean you don’t know anything. According to experts, toddlers have a strong memory. Their memory that is still not filled can accommodate many types of memory that they find. Learning to recognize shapes can be started from various funny posters and books, and it can also be done with cellphone media. Tell each shape you show and do it repeatedly 2 to 3.


Every time you play learning shapes, don’t forget to tell the sound of each object that is pointed at. Like a cat meowing, and so on. You can also use an application that is on your cellphone to teach voice to children.

learn while playing//sticker

Match shape

A game this one will not be less exciting than other games. Match shapes. Pick up a shape-matching block game and start showing children how to play. Automatically the child will be interested and start taking and inserting it into the hole. Even though you don’t know where the hole is, you can direct it and tell it where it is.

Learn to recognize letters

Learning to recognize letters is a step for the child to be ready to learn to read. You can use an application on your cellphone specifically to read letters or you can also use an alphabet poster.

Teaching toddlers can be done in 2 ways, namely manual and online. With this learning, the child will develop and easily remember everything they learn.


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