Eye of the dragon 6

Eye of the dragon 6
Eye of the dragon 6

Eye of the dragon 6 novomatic

Eye of the dragon 6 game which was previously successful and managed to bring many victories and managed to make gamers feel at home playing. Now made with another version that can make gamers feel at home and want to keep playing. Previous games will provide many chances of winning with symbol values.

In the game eye of the dragon6, it will make the game form even more interesting by adding an extra bet. In the previous game, only 5 reels could give a lot of coin value. While the extra bet will get 1 additional roll which makes 6 rolls ready to play on the game screen.

Game button

Laliberacompagnia – On a game theme that is full of power and fear of attacks from the dragon. Finding the dragon’s eye will give you a faster and easier chance of winning. Each win provides 10 types of wins and a way to defeat the dragon. When you first enter to play the game eye of the dragon6 gamers will see several buttons available in the game.

There is a game auto button that can make the reels on the screen spin themselves. Without having to press the button again. The chance to win is getting closer to gamers. There is also a game button. Gamble is an additional game that gamers can play to try their luck.

Additional game play

Gamers must place bets on the gamble. If you win, you will get a win that is many times the value of the gamble bet. But if you are not lucky you can lose and make gamers run out of a lot of money. Just guess the color behind the red or black card. If the guess is correct, you will get additional points.

looking for dragon eyes//victory

There are also pluses and minuses which are buttons that are often used by gamers. Plus and minus signs that can help reduce or add bet coins. The less bet value you get, the closer you get to the big coin. To play it, gamers must manage to get 3 of the same symbols to win. If there are more 3, you can also get a lot of coins.

Wilds and scatters

Use combination symbols to win the game. In the first game that moves there are 5 rolls and if the gamer activates an extra bet, he will get an additional roll. Just by pressing extra bet all the reels will spin and form a value.

The types of symbols that are present in the eye of the dragon game are: woman with red arrows, boy with sword, white tiger, pegasus, dragon eye, and several types of playing cards such as: ace, K, Q, J, and 10.

Wild and scatter are present in one symbol. The symbol is the dragon’s eye. Wild which can replace all symbols. And the scatter will provide a fairly large chance of winning by providing several winning symbols. Every time you get the same 3 dragon eye symbols will give you a chance to win and also special symbols that can help gamers on each reel.

Active and inactive extra bet

The chance to win is in the form of free spins. There are 5 free spins available. The direction of victory in the game is left to right. With this direction all symbols can get a value including the scatter. To deactivate and activate the extra bet, you can press the word extra bet. If the light on the extra bet is lit, then the sixth roll is active. And if the extra bet is not lit, it indicates that it is not active.


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