Extend subways surfers game

Extend subways surfers game
Extend subways surfers game

Extend subways surfers game

Every time you want to play the subways surfers game, you will experience defeat and your life will run out. Of course, this makes us desperate, and don’t want to play anymore. To be able to maintain the game and not die quickly we must know the tricks that remain when playing it. Extend subways surfers game

Not just winning, you can also get lots of coins when playing this subway surfers game. To be able to survive and not die The step that must be done is to observe the course of the game. When we play first, we can lose first. Because when playing the first game we observe the conditions while playing the game.

Passion to play

Laliberacompagnia – The death of the game will trigger the enthusiasm of players to continue and find easy tricks to win. The second defense uses all facilities in-game. If there is a ladder that leads to the top of the train the players can immediately climb it. Run while getting a lot of coins.

When running on the train trying not to jump late. The train has a separate carriage so players must square off to be able to jump into another car. Don’t be late because it can make players die and life will decrease again. Watch the game don’t let your guard down. In the game, gamers get the opportunity to move the steps to run. The move is used to avoid obstacles that are in front of the eye.

How to avoid the stop sign barrier?

master the game//koin

The game is still not over and gamers must use precise tricks to avoid the stop sign barrier. Take a jump and immediately roll down to avoid obstacles. If gamers have a power feature then use it. This trick will make it easier for gamers to dodge faster.

Don’t forget, because, in this subways surfers game, players run while carrying a skateboard. Then use his abilities to get there faster and get lots of wins. For new players, you may not have Skatetbords. But if you manage to collect a lot of coins, gamers can buy skatetbords.

When playing at a low-level gamers don’t need to use skateboards. Featured skateboards that produce high enough power will be a shame if only used at low levels. For that, it is better to use it when you reach a high game level with a higher coin value.


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