Coins time cash connection

Coins time cash connection
Coins time cash connection

Coins time cash connection novomatic

Coins time game that has classic symbols with easy win values. There are jackpot values ​​and spin locks in novomatic games. With the title being added, it is one of the most popular novomatic cash connection games among gamers. Full of unexpected values ​​in each symbol.

To enjoy this cash connection game, gamers must prepare enough money to be able to play it. It doesn’t take long for the value of the money to go straight into the game’s credit. Game credits are located at the bottom of the game screen. Next to it are buttons in the form of addition and subtraction.

Auto game play

Laliberacompagnia – The sign will be the handler of the symbol value. Set the desired symbol value by pressing the button. The more value bets used, the greater the value that gamers will get. The value of the symbol has an effect on the value of the gamer’s bet. So gamers who already know how to play this game can freely place bets with the symbol values ​​they expect.

In this coins time game, automatic game play is also available. Gamers only need to place a bet value and press the automatic button. The reels will move by themselves without having to press the play button. No need to worry about automatic games because in the game coins time gamers will get coin values ​​from the same combination or symbol value.


It could also be that the game will automatically bring gamers to a very profitable jackpot value. There are 5 reels that accept many different types of symbols. To win the game, gamers must use the right strategy in order to get a lot of coins. Prepare 5 steps to be able to win it.

fresh fruit
chance to win high score//fresh fruit

Win when you manage to get the same symbol in the game coins time will get a value. While other symbols can also do a combination system where symbols can alternate when they meet a wild. Wild sign which will replace all symbols except scatter and gold coins.

Symbol win type

The types of symbols available in the game coins time cash connection are: fresh and delicious fruits [watermelon, cherry, plum, lemon, orange, grape], number 7, and gold coins. To find out about game coins time gamers can press the [I] button. By pressing the button gamers will determine many types of information about the value, and the number of symbols that gamers will get.

Get 3 of the same symbol or combination to get coins. In the game, coins time will not only give value but will also provide a spin key. How to get spin locks, gamers can get easily if they manage to get gold coins. Coins that have different values ​​will help gamers get a high chance of winning.

Get 6 gold coins of the same or more to be able to activate the spin lock. Once active the coins are locked and the reels will spin again looking for coins again until the opportunity for the reels to spin runs out. Every 1 coin will get 3 times the chance to spin the reels. And in the game coins time gamers will get 4 game jackpots. 4 jackpots that can make gamers get money right away when they get it while it’s still a spin lock. Available jackpots: big, tangung, small, and mini.


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