Children’s Games in the 90s

Children's Games in the 90s
Children's Games in the 90s

Children’s Games in the 90s

From 1990 to 2000 there was a children’s game that was very popular at that time but until now it is not known by many children in the era of 2022. The following are games from the 90s. Children’s Games in the 90s


Monopoly is a game played by several people to buy land or houses. But in this game, the dice will be rolled first, and don’t forget that there must be 1 person who will be the bank. This monopoly game actually uses tricks but rarely anyone understands the game. Even though it only uses a piece of paper, this game is very attractive to many young people and adults. Laliberacompagnia

Snakes and ladders

The snake and ladder game was originally played with a piece of paper, but over time this snake and ladder game has a board that has been packaged to make it more minimalist. Even though the game of snakes and ladders only plays the chess child (pawn), there is a sense of vibration when you experience defeat. Because in playing snakes and ladders there are things that make us go down and easy to go up and up continuously towards victory.

can be played with friends//Monopoly


The game in question is the high jump. In addition to playing, educate children’s minds. High jumps will make you fast in your body growth period. The high jump game is perfect for growing children. Not one person plays this game, but many who play high jump.

Hide and seek

The game of hide and seek is very much discussed, especially when you are at the beginning of the game. The more people who play, the more fun it is. Games that use intuition will be easier to play to achieve victory. How to play is so easy, it only requires 1 person to be a guard, so you have to look for several people to play.


The Congklak game can only be played by 2 people. This game uses Congklak seeds, coffee beans, or tamarind seeds. Actually, those of you who don’t have a Congklak board can play it if you have one of the seeds mentioned. And most importantly if you have 16 small plastic bowls then you can play the game.

Have you mentioned what games in the 90s, which one do you like to play? Of course, every game that provides an interesting experience is not it. If you want to relive those times, you have to remember the memories.


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