Analog games

analog game
analog game

Analog games

Game lovers can certainly play freely using a smartphone. Since the presence of online games that can be played with mobile phones, many gamers no longer need to play outside the house. All you have to do is sit back with the internet and use a headset on your head, it’s like playing games in an internet cafe. Sophisticated games make companies make analog games.

Analog game is a game that is played by controlling the super hero you want to play. This time the analog game is present in the moba game. As we know when playing games using a smartphone can make the game easier. But sometimes also have difficulty when setting the steps in each game.

Analog appearance

Laliberacompagnia – Thin screen once touch then the command for the game icon will run. But sometimes it doesn’t match the point we’ve hit. Then comes the analog game which we can take over quickly. With analog games the direction of enemy resistance can be directly blocked and defeated easily.

For those who have never tried playing analog games, of course they will mock the game form of analog game users. Because it looks like a game stick, we might look like playing ordinary games. although many mocked his appearance. This analog game does not give up but continues to grow to form itself like a smartphone that is special for games.

Accessible games

Smartphones were developed to help gamers feel comfortable when used to play. It has a unique shape like a game remote with a handle and the direction of the button to adjust the steps of the game icon that we choose. If you just try it, of course it’s still a bit stiff, not as flexible as using a flat-screen cellphone.

many games are played with analog games//advanced
There are already several games that can be accessed using analog games such as:

– AOV Games

– Mobile legends

– League of legends : wild rift

– Flame x blaze

– Light x shadow and many more types of games that can be played with analog games

The presence of this analog game really makes it easy for gamers to play it without experiencing difficulties. Analog games that are similar to mobile phones can only be played by a few games that have been connected by the system.

Looks normal

There are also games that are still not connected to analog games so gamers can only play through smartphones like vainglory. Even though this game hasn’t got access to analog games the players don’t mind it. Because not all players can play with analog games.

If other people who don’t know about analog games may think we are playing playstation games. Maybe players who play online games often see some gamers playing online games using analog games. This is sometimes used as a joke for gamers. If you’ve tried with analog games, is it still a joke?

Make it easier for players to move

Since the smartphone continues to develop into a mobile phone that can access everything. the makers of mobile phones also continue to develop into mobile phones that can be used in playing games. Provides a comfort in one hand without having to be complicated. When determining the selected game icon. Gamers do not need to bother anymore to move the direction of the game. With analog games everything is easy.

The difference between playing analog games and mobile phones is clear. When using a cellphone, sometimes the direction of running is not appropriate. While the analog game can match the point.


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